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Together, we call for a new party of the left

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This is an era of crisis: climate change, the cost of living, the erosion of democracy and the spread of war.

We urgently need an answer. But in Britain, while the Tory party fuels these crises, the Labour Party is failing to provide an alternative.

The right wing has regained control of Labour. Jeremy Corbyn, and his politics that inspired millions across our society, have been cast out.

Labour now opposes strikes, rejects renationalisation, refuses to defend refugees, and won't scrap student fees – or even the two-child benefit cap.

Keir Starmer has overseen the driving out of 200,000 Labour members. 'The many' who supported Labour politics from 2015 to 2019 are denied a political voice.

We need a political organisation that offers a real solution: one that challenges the system at the root of every crisis we face.

Over recent months, organisations and individuals from the labour and trade union movement have come together to discuss a way forward. These include existing left parties, Breakthrough, Left Unity and the Liverpool Community Independents, together with others who were in the Labour Party and more from across the left.

Now we are taking the next step: inviting all who agree with our core principles, outlined below, to move rapidly towards founding a new party of the left.

We want you to join us in this vital initiative. Together, we can transform politics. The time is now.

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"Democracy is not a spectator sport. To be able to improve lives and our community, we have to be able to take part. For many in our communities, they see no point in voting. They believe that whoever they vote for, the government wins. The UK needs a change of direction. The need for change and for a party that people feel represents them is critical if we are to end the greed crisis caused by politics owned by the richest in our society. People matter, and politics must be done in the people's interests."
Ian Hodson
National President of BFAWU
"Staying and fighting for Starmer's party is no longer an option. We need an alternative that challenges the political system. That's why I'm excited to support Transform: because it meets my ambitions for a better and more equal world. We can't just sit around and do nothing. We need a real political choice - where we can truly meet the needs of our working class communities: where everyone is valued, respected and supported. Challenging the establishment at home, and oppression around the world, is our right."
Solma Ahmed
Former Labour Women's Committee and Momentum NCG member
"What kind of a world do we want? I want a world where no child is hungry or living in poverty. A world where everyone has decent, affordable housing. I want public ownership and public sector workers to have dignity and respect in the workplace, and a real living wage. A world where the NHS is fully funded and accessible to all and a national education service with free lifelong learning. I want a country of peacemakers not warmongers. Transform will always put people and planet first. Together we can transform politics, we can transform society and we can win the world we desperately need and want."
Thelma Walker
Former Labour MP for Colne Valley
"We need a new party that will truly change and challenge the system, put people at the heart and centre of each cause and address the various crises we currently face. A party that seeks to build true and honest communities, creates authentic relationships with individuals and organisations, empowers and uplifts its members and communities, focusing on addressing fundamental crises affecting individuals in their day-to-day lives. On poverty, climate emergency, food insecurity and many other issues, we must create the change we want to see. The opportunity for a new party could transform politics and provide people with a much-needed alternative. This party must be representative of all, putting people first. It is time for real change."
Maia Thomas
Founder, Exeter Black Lives Matter, award-winning EDI consultant, international speaker
"We desperately need a serious, global political organisation with a clear programme of solutions to the interconnected problems of colonisation, capitalism and climate catastrophe. This organisation must go beyond the confines of national electoral politics and its systems of manufactured consent. It must be globally representative, grounded in communities, worker organisations and social movements, and it must be ready to struggle for the system transformation we urgently need."
Seema Syeda
Anti-racist activist, co‑author of Creeping Fascism
"In a recent poll, 61% of people said they would like to see a new political party. There is disillusion with the established parties. The Tories and Lib Dems gave us austerity. Labour has purged its left and is on a trajectory to the right of Blair. Our election to three seats in Liverpool demonstrated that there is a space to the left of Labour. Transform can help fill that space. We need a force in British society that stands unequivocally on the side of working class communities and against all forms of bigotry and prejudice."
Lucy Williams, Alan Gibbons, Sam Gorst
Liverpool Community Independent councillors
"The last few years have been horrendous, with a lying, cheating Conservative government that has made hate an official policy. They've destroyed lives, and given billions of pounds of public money to their pals via dodgy deals and contracts. And what are they offering at the next General Election – more of the same. Demonising trans people and asylum seekers as a distraction to their destruction of public services. Labour are not going to save us. Under Starmer, they too have moved to the right. We need a true left-wing party. One that puts people first, that cares about the environment, and is committed to a new politics. That party is Transform."
India Willoughby
Broadcaster and journalist
"The political landscape has lost its left. There is no alternative for socialists to feel comfortable voting for, let alone become part of. When the left fractures and scatters, even when the reasons to do so are justified, we become weaker. When I heard about Transform and how it was put together, I finally felt some hope for the future again, one that brings people together. We on the left have numerous passions and priorities, but a 'broad church' does not need to involve the opinions of would-be Tories or those who 'play the game' of politics. I'm excited to see the enthusiasm and grassroots action Transform will bring to so many."
Laura Daly
Founder, Women's Banner Group
"Since the end of 2019, the left has been denied representation in frontline politics. The politics of Jeremy Corbyn, which inspired me and millions of other young people, has been taken away and replaced with a politics of hate, fear and greed. Whether it's the cost of living or the biggest threat facing humanity, the climate emergency, it's clear that our main political parties don't have the answers. It's time for the left to come together to provide a real alternative: one that transforms our politics, our society and our planet. We at the Breakthrough Party are proud to put our name to this call. We can't wait for someone else to save us, we have to do it ourselves."
Alex Mays
Leader, Breakthrough Party
"I welcome the launch of Transform. Politics is profoundly blocked, as rents rise, the NHS decays and human rights are under assault, the mainstream parties have nothing to offer, Transform can challenge both Sunak and Starmer, promoting a real alternative to mainstream misery, injustice and stagnation."
Derek Wall
Ecosocialist writer and former principal speaker of the Green Party
"We've had enough of warmongers and a bottomless pit of money wasted on nuclear weapons. It's time for a mass party that fights for peace and justice, opposing imperialism – and working internationally to make that happen. I'm proud to be on the Executive Board of the European Left Party, organising in solidarity across the continent and beyond: our new party needs a global vision that's on the side of the working class, wherever it is located. The ruling class organises internationally – so must we."
Kate Hudson
European Left Party
"I wholeheartedly support the formation of a new socialist and democratic party of the left. The Labour Party no longer seems to represent those who need and rely on policies that only the left will introduce. Transform will be there to take its place and to offer real hope to the working class and trade union members. The core principles of Transform will lift the hearts of those who have felt abandoned. I'm excited by its development and hope to see it grow in strength, numbers and political power."
Jo Rust
Independent socialist councillor in Kings Lynn
"British voters are desperate for a party that sets out policies that seriously attempt to eradicate poverty, ensure the living standards of the many are raised, economic corruption is defeated, human rights across the world are upheld and the environment protected for future generations. I look forward to learning more about the potential policies a new political party of the left can offer the country."
Steven Longden
Former councillor, Trafford, Greater Manchester
"With the return of the Labour Party to the pro-capitalist consensus, there is now no major party voicing a socialist or ecosocialist alternative to the economic, social and climate crises we face. In the absence of a left alternative there is a real danger that far-right players will move to fill the vacuum with reactionary answers. It is essential that a progressive vision is articulated. Left Unity believes there is an urgent need for a new left party, and we support the Transform call and principles. The time to act is now, and we must do all we can to make it happen."
Doug Thorpe
National Secretary of Left Unity
"All my life I have been a Labour supporter, first by family tradition, and then when Jeremy Corbyn headed the party I felt heard for the first time. His pledges and manifesto were everything I think this country needs. Since his leadership was overtaken I feel like the party has moved its moral compass to a place I am very uncomfortable with. Labour is no longer a socialist party in my view and we NEED an alternative.I support Transform because like many other people I feel like I am without a political home."
Andy Ellis
"I'm very excited by the launch of Transform. It is a big step on the way to the left becoming a united electoral force. Seriously, if you believe, like me, that the people of this country deserve a fair share of the power and wealth, then please do sign up and get involved. Can I also say to everyone involved through other organisations on the left, let's try and sort things out, and work together. We do have broadly the same agendas - let's give it out best shot."
Tom Widdecombe
Host of the Look Left podcast
"We are no nearer to bringing about a peaceful world than we are to creating constructive plans to deal with the crisis of climate change. Neither the government or the opposition will stand up for people suffering the cost of living crisis. Human rights, workers rights are being eroded. Together we can build a future where all our children are cherished."
Romayne Phoenix
Former chair People's Assembly, Campaign Against Climate Change TU group
"I support the call for a new left party. We need to unite on a shared platform and rescue British politics from a two-party system bereft of ideas on how to address 21st-century challenges. We can't sit passively by and watch the hope disappear once again."
Philip Proudfoot
Writer/researcher on politics, labour and development

Core principles: the party

Is a left party, of and for the working class in all its diversity, seeking to redistribute wealth and power from the elite to the people.
Is eco-socialist, supporting transformative political, social and economic change in order to build a truly sustainable world and achieve climate justice.
Is internationalist, opposing war, imperialism and colonialism, welcoming migrants and standing in solidarity with oppressed people everywhere.
Is feminist and anti-racist, fighting for a world where social injustices including racism, xenophobia, ableism, homophobia, transphobia and the oppression of women have been eradicated.
Is committed to eradicating regional inequality within Britain and supports the right of the devolved nations to determine their constitutional futures.
Is a democratic party, in which members empower, organise and educate each other.
Develops policy democratically, drawing on the knowledge and experience of its members.
Contests elections in order to offer voters a socialist alternative and build power locally and nationally, without promoting the idea that voting alone can solve the present crises.
Seeks to build power in communities, workplaces and on the streets.
Builds meaningful relationships with a wide range of organisations including trade unions, community and campaign groups, social justice movements and left organisations outside Britain.


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